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Why Rose Gold Trend Just Wont Go Away

Why Rose Gold Trend Just Wont Go Away

From jewellery to phone cases and plant pots, the rose gold trend has been with us for some time and really the dominant one in 2018. While there are many other trends coming to light from now on and 2019, the rose gold trend just won't go away. Just like a unicorn, pineapple, and flamingo-shaped items still fill the shelves of major fashion stores, the rose gold will be here another while. I am not sure where it all started and how it suddenly became such a big trend, but I did some research and I am happy to share my findings in today's blog post.

If you passing anyone on the streets this year, they are likely to be wearing at least one item in rose gold. It has gone far beyond fashion and jewellery as you might have noticed. So where did it all started?


Back in 2015 when a new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus was launched, we had the first glimpse of rose gold in electronics. It sort of went unnoticed and it would not be a strong signal for the trend in general.


Spanish automaker Seat brought out a rose gold model in 2017. It was really something for those who want to go the extra mile in fashion.


According to a reputable source, it actually all started with jewellery back in 2012. And this is exactly why it won't go away very fast. It actually has been with us for 6 years now. While rose gold back in 2012 was a choice of jewellery for celebrities and influencers, it is widely available now in all shapes and sizes.

rose gold earrings

Curemio Rose Gold Amour Diamonte Earrings

One of my favourite pieces in our store are those rose gold earrings from Morellato Curemio collection. Those are perfect for nights out and they look stunning with an occasion outfit. 


Rose gold is now officially a "must-have" neutral colour in wardrobes. Many brands stock items in rose gold and many of us are happy to buy and wear. 

And why not! Rose gold is the best thing that happened in jewellery for a long time and you have not embraced this trend yet, it is not late now!

Do you love rose gold? What is your favourite rose gold item? Share in comments below.

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