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Unicorns & Where Did This Trend Started

Unicorns & Where Did This Trend Started

If you have not picked up on the Unicorn trend yet, then where have you been? From Unicorn toasts to make-up tutorials, the Instagram feeds all over the world have been filled BIG with “All things and colours Unicorn” since 2016. But the fad has really picked in 2017 when Starbucks made Unicorn Frappuccinos. Yes, they did. And it was a huge hit.

But Why? Why Unicorns?

The Unicorns have had an appeal since centuries ago, some of our ancestors were obsessed with looking for mythical creatures such as Unicorns and Mermaids. Others made them into girl’s toys which were a hit in the 1980s. In the 1990s there was, of course, the screen arrival of “My Little Pony” but up to 2012, my friends, there has been very little mention of Unicorns.

Where do you ask this all started? The Social Media, of course. Once the images of make-up and toasts started to appear on trendy blogs and Instagram feed, the Unicorns were embraced by designers and celebs to name a few. There is ongoing dispute amongst biggest experts in the world of marketing and media whether Unicorn is a trend or a fab, but while they figure it out, why not just enjoy and rock it? There is a fun element to the whole trend if you look closer.

We think we all deserve a little excuse to take a trip back to 1990s or the 18th century if you fancy. After all, I think no matter how old you are, we can all do with a little magic in our life. The unicorns just arrived in our store and if you are lucky you can just about to catch one. Those sparkling magical beauties wont stay there for too long and we all know when they are gone...They are truly gone! Here is a little preview. 

Eva Diamante Swarovski Rainbow Unicorn

Let me know your thoughts!

Until next time,



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