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Why We Wear Hats (Apart from the Obvious)

Why We Wear Hats (Apart from the Obvious)

At times I think about strange topics and I have recently decided to share one of those...Why do you think we wear hats, apart from the obvious reason to keep our heads warm?

So I looked into the history of hats and found out that the first examples of wool-rich hats came about in the 14th century and were later known as Monmouth caps due to its origin in the town of Monmouth.

While the simple knit beanie is still around and in a league of its own. Whether you call it a tuque, a Monmouth cap, or just a plain beanie, there’s an incredible story behind this cold-weather staple.

The history of hats, in general, had some remarkable pieces and there is no doubt about it, some people love hats so much, they buy multiple every season and the cold temperatures, of course, are a great way to show off headgear collection of any fashionista.  While the tuque is a symbol of Canadian nationalism and has more of political roots, nowadays hats are a must-have accessory for Irish winter as much as it is in Canada. In the 18th and 19th centuries, hats were a symbol of wealth and status and probably less to do with cold temperatures. Religious, of course also played a part in the need of wearing hats and whether like me, you think about why we wear hats, some of us cover their heads due to religious beliefs. Where I come from, winter hats are usually made out of fur and the type of fur you choose is largely dependent on your budget. So perhaps it is still a symbol of wealth as much as a winter accessory you cannot leave your house without. I parted with the need to have fur hats when I experienced first Irish winter, but I still love how fur makes the hats more expensive and fashionable looking, be it a faux fur or a genuine fur..

Whether you prefer a simple knit or something more extravagant, the hats are a necessity when it comes to our existence in Ireland and especially here on the West coast here in Donegal. With very little indoor activity, we love being outdoors and as I always say, there is no such a thing as bad or cold weather if you dress right. Agree?

So why not make the most of the winter and turn it into a fashion experiment or few and get yourself a new hat? I have recently sourced hats perfect not only to Irish weather but also perfect for any breeze or beast may it hit us this year. 

The Olgita bobble hat collection in our store now is hugely popular and we just had to put it online. They go extremely fast!

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