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When to Give Personalised Jewellery

When to Give Personalised Jewellery

Personalised Jewellery is a great way to mark many occasions or days in the year or one's life. I, personally love the idea of everything personalised because I think it makes a very thoughtful gift as well as a great reminder of an occasion or day or an occurrence. With so many options, I think jewellery is one that deserved a special attention. Unless you plan on selling someone day or buying as an investment or plan to leave some as an inheritance (think Princess Diana's jewellery), there is no good reason why it should not be personalised. In this post, I wanted to create a list of occasions that would be perfect for an item such as personalised jewellery as a gift.


This is obviously a very special occasion in anyone's life and personalised rings, necklaces or bracelets will mark this day for years to come. 


Another great occasion to mark with a personalised jewellery. Whether it is 10 years since something occurred or a month, it is a great way to mark the day.

Birth of a Baby

Back in the day, it was a custom in some nations to personalise silver spoons. Nowadays we have so many options when it comes to celebrating a birth of a baby with jewellery. My personal favourite is this family charm bracelet I chose to feature below. I think its so perfect for a family, you can keep adding up names of babies and other members as they come along.

Sentiment Adorable Heart Charm Family Bracelet


A little sentimental piece goes a long way and Christening is a perfect day to give a little something to that little someone. You could engrave it with a text "From loving auntie" or "With Love from XX" or simply engrave a date of the occasion and baby's name. 


Sentiment Rose Gold Name Necklace

This might not come to mind at first, but a name necklace of bracelet makes an excellent birthday gift.  

Hope those gave you a few ideas for upcoming events in your life!

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