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12 Weeks of Christmas

12 Weeks of Christmas

You might have caught a live video of me on Eva Victoria's  Facebook page a last Friday when I announced our new promotion titled "12 Weeks of Christmas" along with some product demonstrations. If you missed it, here is what you have in store, literally. 

Over the next 12 week coming up to Christmas, every Friday at 6 pm, we will be announcing a product at a ridiculously low price via our Social Media pages.  The first promotion is already out and you can find it if you head to our Facebook page. 

Week 1 Friday 5th October - A Beautiful Rose Gold Set Garnet Pendant and matching Earrings

See It HERE   

    rose Gold Pendnat and Earring SEt on Special offer


Week 2 Friday 12th October The Midnight Aura Diamante Rose Gold Bracelet

Week 3 Friday 19th October Together As One Rose Gold Bangle Noir

See it Here


Week 4 Friday 26th October - Coming Soon

So why am I being so generous? Well, Christmas is a time of the year we meant to be jolly and generous and all your loved ones deserve to be spoilt and appreciated. Jewellery is a fantastic Christmas gift and we want to make it affordable. There is another reason, of course, too! Since I launched Eva Victoria, I have received so much overwhelming support from you all. Thanks to all of this support, Eva Victoria is now a brand that is being talked in many parts of Ireland and along with a number of happy customers. 

So take the next 12 weeks as a HUGE Thank You to all of those who supported me, said kind words online and offline and together with your help, I hope to continue making the ladies of ireland sparkle.

See the 12 Weeks HERE   ( This page will be updated as the weeks progress )

Until next time,



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Why We Wear Hats (Apart from the Obvious)

Why We Wear Hats (Apart from the Obvious)

At times I think about strange topics and I have recently decided to share one of those...Why do you think we wear hats, apart from the obvious reason to keep our heads warm?

So I looked into the history of hats and found out that the first examples of wool-rich hats came about in the 14th century and were later known as Monmouth caps due to its origin in the town of Monmouth.

While the simple knit beanie is still around and in a league of its own. Whether you call it a tuque, a Monmouth cap, or just a plain beanie, there’s an incredible story behind this cold-weather staple.

The history of hats, in general, had some remarkable pieces and there is no doubt about it, some people love hats so much, they buy multiple every season and the cold temperatures, of course, are a great way to show off headgear collection of any fashionista.  While the tuque is a symbol of Canadian nationalism and has more of political roots, nowadays hats are a must-have accessory for Irish winter as much as it is in Canada. In the 18th and 19th centuries, hats were a symbol of wealth and status and probably less to do with cold temperatures. Religious, of course also played a part in the need of wearing hats and whether like me, you think about why we wear hats, some of us cover their heads due to religious beliefs. Where I come from, winter hats are usually made out of fur and the type of fur you choose is largely dependent on your budget. So perhaps it is still a symbol of wealth as much as a winter accessory you cannot leave your house without. I parted with the need to have fur hats when I experienced first Irish winter, but I still love how fur makes the hats more expensive and fashionable looking, be it a faux fur or a genuine fur..

Whether you prefer a simple knit or something more extravagant, the hats are a necessity when it comes to our existence in Ireland and especially here on the West coast here in Donegal. With very little indoor activity, we love being outdoors and as I always say, there is no such a thing as bad or cold weather if you dress right. Agree?

So why not make the most of the winter and turn it into a fashion experiment or few and get yourself a new hat? I have recently sourced hats perfect not only to Irish weather but also perfect for any breeze or beast may it hit us this year. 

The Olgita bobble hat collection in our store now is hugely popular and we just had to put it online. They go extremely fast!

Until next time,








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Why Rose Gold Trend Just Wont Go Away

Why Rose Gold Trend Just Wont Go Away

From jewellery to phone cases and plant pots, the rose gold trend has been with us for some time and really the dominant one in 2018. While there are many other trends coming to light from now on and 2019, the rose gold trend just won't go away. Just like a unicorn, pineapple, and flamingo-shaped items still fill the shelves of major fashion stores, the rose gold will be here another while. I am not sure where it all started and how it suddenly became such a big trend, but I did some research and I am happy to share my findings in today's blog post.

If you passing anyone on the streets this year, they are likely to be wearing at least one item in rose gold. It has gone far beyond fashion and jewellery as you might have noticed. So where did it all started?


Back in 2015 when a new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus was launched, we had the first glimpse of rose gold in electronics. It sort of went unnoticed and it would not be a strong signal for the trend in general.


Spanish automaker Seat brought out a rose gold model in 2017. It was really something for those who want to go the extra mile in fashion.


According to a reputable source, it actually all started with jewellery back in 2012. And this is exactly why it won't go away very fast. It actually has been with us for 6 years now. While rose gold back in 2012 was a choice of jewellery for celebrities and influencers, it is widely available now in all shapes and sizes.

rose gold earrings

Curemio Rose Gold Amour Diamonte Earrings

One of my favourite pieces in our store are those rose gold earrings from Morellato Curemio collection. Those are perfect for nights out and they look stunning with an occasion outfit. 


Rose gold is now officially a "must-have" neutral colour in wardrobes. Many brands stock items in rose gold and many of us are happy to buy and wear. 

And why not! Rose gold is the best thing that happened in jewellery for a long time and you have not embraced this trend yet, it is not late now!

Do you love rose gold? What is your favourite rose gold item? Share in comments below.

Until next time,




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When to Give Personalised Jewellery

When to Give Personalised Jewellery

Personalised Jewellery is a great way to mark many occasions or days in the year or one's life. I, personally love the idea of everything personalised because I think it makes a very thoughtful gift as well as a great reminder of an occasion or day or an occurrence. With so many options, I think jewellery is one that deserved a special attention. Unless you plan on selling someone day or buying as an investment or plan to leave some as an inheritance (think Princess Diana's jewellery), there is no good reason why it should not be personalised. In this post, I wanted to create a list of occasions that would be perfect for an item such as personalised jewellery as a gift.


This is obviously a very special occasion in anyone's life and personalised rings, necklaces or bracelets will mark this day for years to come. 


Another great occasion to mark with a personalised jewellery. Whether it is 10 years since something occurred or a month, it is a great way to mark the day.

Birth of a Baby

Back in the day, it was a custom in some nations to personalise silver spoons. Nowadays we have so many options when it comes to celebrating a birth of a baby with jewellery. My personal favourite is this family charm bracelet I chose to feature below. I think its so perfect for a family, you can keep adding up names of babies and other members as they come along.

Sentiment Adorable Heart Charm Family Bracelet


A little sentimental piece goes a long way and Christening is a perfect day to give a little something to that little someone. You could engrave it with a text "From loving auntie" or "With Love from XX" or simply engrave a date of the occasion and baby's name. 


Sentiment Rose Gold Name Necklace

This might not come to mind at first, but a name necklace of bracelet makes an excellent birthday gift.  

Hope those gave you a few ideas for upcoming events in your life!

We are always here to cater for all your jewellery and accessories needs, check out more at

Until next time,




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Unicorns & Where Did This Trend Started

Unicorns & Where Did This Trend Started

If you have not picked up on the Unicorn trend yet, then where have you been? From Unicorn toasts to make-up tutorials, the Instagram feeds all over the world have been filled BIG with “All things and colours Unicorn” since 2016. But the fad has really picked in 2017 when Starbucks made Unicorn Frappuccinos. Yes, they did. And it was a huge hit.

But Why? Why Unicorns?

The Unicorns have had an appeal since centuries ago, some of our ancestors were obsessed with looking for mythical creatures such as Unicorns and Mermaids. Others made them into girl’s toys which were a hit in the 1980s. In the 1990s there was, of course, the screen arrival of “My Little Pony” but up to 2012, my friends, there has been very little mention of Unicorns.

Where do you ask this all started? The Social Media, of course. Once the images of make-up and toasts started to appear on trendy blogs and Instagram feed, the Unicorns were embraced by designers and celebs to name a few. There is ongoing dispute amongst biggest experts in the world of marketing and media whether Unicorn is a trend or a fab, but while they figure it out, why not just enjoy and rock it? There is a fun element to the whole trend if you look closer.

We think we all deserve a little excuse to take a trip back to 1990s or the 18th century if you fancy. After all, I think no matter how old you are, we can all do with a little magic in our life. The unicorns just arrived in our store and if you are lucky you can just about to catch one. Those sparkling magical beauties wont stay there for too long and we all know when they are gone...They are truly gone! Here is a little preview. 

Eva Diamante Swarovski Rainbow Unicorn

Let me know your thoughts!

Until next time,



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4 Major Jewellery Trends for Autumn/Winter 2018

4 Major Jewellery Trends for Autumn/Winter 2018

As many of you and myself just sent the kids off to school, you probably realise now that it is, in fact, September and Autumn is here and not long after it, there will be Winter. Well, there is no need to dwell on it. We tend to talk about the weather a lot in Ireland and to be honest, talking about especially bad or rainy weather nearly makes it worse than having to just face it. There are many who just embrace the weather and all the good and bad that comes with it. I personally think we should just make the most of it! For once, for those who cannot tolerate the heat (and we had a relatively hot summer) cooler temperatures are a blessing. Those who are tired of the summer wardrobe can look forward to wrapping up and maybe even updating an autumn/winter wardrobe with some new pieces. And those who work majority outside can embrace the elements again. After all, there is no such thing as bad weather, it is how we dress for it. If you are looking for autumn wardrobe inspiration I suggest you check out the only and only Irish style blogger Sue Jackson's post here. I will, however, take you to my world of jewellery.  There is no shortage of trends so no matter what your style is, there is something here for you to get back on the trend horse.


Three Is Not A Crowd Silver Pendant And Earring Set

We all knew this would happen at some stage and its happening NOW! Pearls are making major come back. If you flick through Vogue, you will see pearls, watch the latest catwalk show, you will see pearls. Pearls are literally everywhere now. So if you don't own pearls, now it's the time to buy them. If you own pearls, now it is the time to wear them! 

 Pin Brooches

Colourful Butterfly Rose Gold Pin Brooch

You might be sensing a theme here, you know, the grandma's accessories (?). However, the brooches are a big trend this season and those are not the type your gran proudly wears to this day out to lunch with ladies. Pin brooches are seen and pinned all over the catwalks now and you know soon there will be a huge item. 

Coloured Gems

Amethyst & Emerald Saoirse Silver Bracelet


Coloured stone engagement rings are increasingly popular and hence the trend is spreading out to everything else jewellery. It's a great way to add colour to any dull outfit and I can definitely see this trend being very popular.  You can also choose your birthstone as a stone of choice and accessories featuring birthstones make a great gift in general.


Choker Necklaces

Last but not least, the choker necklaces! Yes, those were a hit start of the year and they are here to stay for the rest of it. If you really want to rock the trend and look like you just stepped off the catwalk, the pearl choker is the way to go. It's a major hit this season. Otherwise, dust off your chokers and head out in confidence.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!


Until next week,





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How to Recycle Old Jewellery

How to Recycle Old Jewellery

Its Wednesday and as per usual, the fresh blog post is here. I am back on track and wanted to discuss an important topic in the industry. The one that hardly gets any attention is the one about recycling old jewellery. Sure some pieces in your jewellery box are expensive and if you no longer wearing those, they can probably be resold at some value. However, some costume jewellery and those last summer beads probably hold no value beyond sentimental. 

Not sure if you ever gave this any thought, but costume jewellery cannot be recycled by putting into your recycle bin, so what are the options? 

Think of Friends or Relatives

If you don't want it, your friends or relatives who enjoy dressing up might want to have it. There is no harm in offering. Never re-gift an old jewellery piece to avoid embarrassment. 

Donate to Charity Shop(s)

If the jewellery is not broken and can fetch even small value you can donate it to your nearest charity shop. It would do something good and create some space for a new and fresh piece in your collection. 

Community or Facebook Groups

You can take a picture and put it up in a Facebook or Community Group. Surely someone would like to have it! And you will feel good about giving something away that could serve someone else as well as it served you.

Turn It Into Something Else

There are ways you can turn old earrings into brooches etc. I have listed some other ideas

  • Stitch old brooches and earrings onto purses and jewellery trees
  • Glue pendants to bottles, vases or hairpins
  • Use rhinestone necklaces as curtain ties or serviette ties

By recycling your old jewellery, you are also making space for new additions. So once you are done with recycling, why not invest in something fresh and trendy?

Check out our range of costume jewellery that suits most budget here.

How do you recycle your jewellery or do you have any crafty ideas on how to use old jewellery for other purposes? Let me and the other readers know!

Until next time,

Yours Olga,



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Autumn Capsule Wardrobe 2018 Ideas

Autumn Capsule Wardrobe 2018 Ideas

OK, I missed Wednesday blog post day and somehow it is Friday night already! Where did the week go? Do I see you nodding your head and asking the same thing? Well, as a busy-running-as-business or working mother of 2 I can probably think of a few things that happened and completely stole my time. You can probably too and if you cannot, that's OK too! I keep hearing that time is the most valuable thing in the world and I tend to fully agree now that I have my 2 little ones around on top of our offline and online business and the life never been busier. However, it is very enjoyable and full of unexpected. We control what we can control and let go of what we cannot fix or should let go anyway! I try and it does not always happen, but I am getting better at it! In the last few months, I came up with a lot of new ways to save time and make my life a whole lot easier in some ways. I have tried and tested a few ways and one I wanted to share with you this week is my approach to getting dressed. If you spent any time reading any lifestyle blogs, you probably heard of the team capsule wardrobe. Well, if you have not, let me educate you! So the capsule wardrobe is usually a minimalistic wardrobe that works for you and its put together by you or someone for you to make it easier and less time consuming getting dressed every day. Its meant for busy moms and working moms, but I think every woman should have at least a version of it. Although it is one term that is relatively new, the idea of the capsule wardrobe is to create a timeless basic wardrobe that works for you and your style no matter what the trends are. 


So if you are tired of morning dilemmas and asking yourself "what to wear today?" and look effortlessly fabulous every day, this post is for you. So what do you say? Ready for some tips to put together your capsule wardrobe for autumn/winter 2018? I am! Not only I will show you how one can looks like, you can start creating one right now! Ready? Lets do it!


Clear Out

This is a very important step. You need to create space in your existing wardrobe You can treat t. his as a blank canvas or upcycling project,. Whatever feels right! Look through your existing pieces and toss anything you don't "feel" for anymore.  Be really strict, no "maybes" or "when I lose weight". You need to look what works for you right now and what you love. Not one or the other, both need to be applied to the item. This is a very important step in creating a wardrobe you will love for years to come.


Pick Your Colour Palette

If you work in the office, you probably best to go with grey, navy or black as your primary colour. You don't have to, but since its autumn/winter, it is probably most appealing and some pieces would work during other seasons. You can still inject some colour with accessories and tops. So don't worry to be looking dark or boring! This is not the idea of the capsule wardrobe at all, however, we need to be practical and it needs to more or less work for all seasons, well at least the core pieces. I have illustrated below how the autumn/winter capsule wardrobe might look like with core and minimal colour. It does not look boring to me!

Evaluate What You are Left With

So the money core pieces you have already in your wardrobe, the easier it is to match other pieces to those. It will also not cost a fortune! However, if you need to buy a lot of items, try to check out sales and see what your options are. It is also useful to set yourself a budget.

 Shop for What You Need

Take your time shopping and picking out pieces you think you might need. Treat it as a game and enjoy the experience of looking for those perfect items! There is no ideal number, but you should aim for about 20 items excluding shoes and bags.


Voila! You have your winter wardrobe that is also a timeless capsule, get it? 


I hope you found this helpful and inspirational in some way! Dont forget that you can add extra sparkle to any outfit by accessorizing it with affordable pieces! Check out our collection at .

Enjoy your weekend  & Until next time for now!

Yours Olga,




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Why Yellow is The New Pink in 2018

Why Yellow is The New Pink in 2018

I wanted to write this post since ever we launched Eva Victoria online store, but I thought it might be a good idea to wait. I did not want to wait a whole year, of course, to tell you about the most exciting colour of 2018 and the main colour behind our brand. Yellow has been everywhere since April 2018, from celebrity dresses and shoes to the home interior items across stores on the high street and online. Some of the examples of celebrities would be Kendall Jenner and Blake Lively. Yellow has been so popular it was even called Gen-Z Pink by Cosmopolitan! Can you believe that? The yellow even dominated New York Fashion week in Feb 2018. 

So what it is about yellow that made all of those A-listers and us so attracted to this new pink?

Yellow is the colour we associate with sun and it is well-known fact that the sun gives us energy. Energy is not the only thing that is associated with sun or colour yellow for that matter. Those who choose to study in a yellow-painted room and wear yellow to exams are known to score higher compared to those who don't. As much as there is a herb to cure any illness or boost one element in our physic, there is a colour that can make aspects of our lives better.

Even if you don't like yellow or think it does not look good on you, there is still a way to break into this trend with prints and accents and although many printed and patterned outfits still appear vibrant, the brightness of those yellows are much more subdued. If you still not convinced, then some inexpensive yellow jewellery can brighten up an outfit and also set you apart in a crowd.

Check out some yellow items in our collection that will not only add new light into your every day life, but make you sparkle at a special occasion too.

Yellow Sun Forever Colours Watch

Sunshine Yellow Clíodhna Earrings and Necklace Set

 My personal favourite is this yellow Hoops Watch from our new collection that has lots more colours if you dislike yellow but love the style and the brand.

Yellow Cherie L Silver Watch

Well, it is no surprise with all its properties and popularity we chose it to represent our brand.  Do you love yellow? Do you follow trends?

Let me know,

For now, until next time,



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Wedding Jewellery You Probably Overlooked

Wedding Jewellery You Probably Overlooked

You may or not know that the majority of summer Irish weddings take place in August. Those who were planning a wedding for this year or still planning needed only glance at the spring 2018 bridal shows for a dose of inspiration. Well, mainly... All the trends have been disturbed when the brides got to see Megan Merkel’s wedding dress in May. Marrying a Royal is a huge deal and as we know anything they do has a huge impact on trends. 

I remember planning my own wedding and like many brides, the first thing I had to pick is the dress. Luckily I was not influenced by a Royal Wedding as there was none on that year. Although girls often imagine their wedding day years before it happens, when you actually have to go shop for a dress, you might not know where to start. And the sooner you pick out the dress, the sooner you can get on with the rest of the things. After all, as any bride or bride-to-be knows, there are so many other decisions to make when it comes to your wedding, you just want to keep sane and make sure everything else gets as much attention or near as much. In this post, I want to turn your attention to wedding jewellery that you probably overlooked.

Speaking from the experience, pretty much like the wedding dress, this will be something you probably only wear once. Unless you are going to be related to Queen Mother and can have a pick of her jewellery and accessories collection (like Meghan did in May wearing vintage headpiece), you will probably be buying your own jewellery to match the dress. So considering all the costs and the fact that you will only wear it that day (realistically and speaking from my own experience and many brides I dealt with through the shop over the years), does it need to be expensive or does it just need to look good and match your dress and everything else you will be wearing?

In the year I got married the wedding dress industry has been bombarded by colour and more and more brides were forgoing the traditional white and ivory wedding dresses in favour of some bold colours.  Well, those were 2013 & 2014, you might notice that 2018 is seeing more traditional colours dominating the scene but the colour has not left the wedding fashion world completely. Instead, it has re-invented itself and made friends with a traditional white, ivory and pastels. For anyone getting married in summer, you might love the idea of the floral wedding dress. If you choose a statement dress like that, then you should go more elegant with the jewellery However if you go for a pastel shade, white or ivory dress, you are free to go with a bald piece of jewellery like a statement necklace. 

Rose Gold Amenta Clíodhna Necklace Set


You might feel like going traditional and my ultimate suggestion is pearls.

Three Is Not A Crowd Silver Pendant And Earring Set

This set will not only look elegant and gorgeous with a white dress, it will definitely not break the bank, like the rest of the wedding expenses!

Are you getting married this summer? Or going to a wedding?  Check out our fantastic choice of jewellery

Until next time,





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Timeless Jewellery

Timeless Jewellery

While it pays in some ways to follow the trends, every woman should have some timeless jewellery pieces. Just like investment pieces in your wardrobe, those are ideally are your go-to-expensive pieces of jewellery. Every woman has that winning outfit that just works and those jewellery pieces are a part of it. That’s the best way I can describe the timeless pieces. If I think of something expensive I almost always associate it with some of my own clothes (that I am lucky to own) and also jewellery (thanks to my dear husband and his gifts). So for today’s post I thought I would share what I would consider timeless jewellery.

Engagement ring

My engagement ring is nearly a decade old. I do not wear it every day anymore, but I do wear it to almost every family gathering, dinner date with my other half and often on girl’s nights out. It reminds me of the very romantic time in our relationship and this is probably what makes it timeless. Those memories will hopefully never leave me.


Pearls are something that would either remind you of a mermaid or Jane Fonda or Helen Miren. If you associate it with latter, you might not want to own any until later in life. I own a pearl bracelet and some earrings. While it is not my frequent choice of jewellery nowadays, anytime I am going on holiday, I bring them. I think they look very good with brighter colour clothes and in the sunshine. However, I would also wear them with a black dress when I am out for dinner or going to an event.

pearl earrings

Pearl Seoda Atlántacha Silver Hook Earrings

Statement ring

I love big chunky rings. I remember my grandmother always had one or two in her jewellery box. They would be gold and would have ether a big ruby stone or a collection of stones in it. It is probably something to be associated with royalty and I certainly do not own anything that expensive but I do have few rings that definitely have a "statement" written all over them. I believe statement jewellery, in general, can transform any boring or unflattering outfit. And it works well for the budget too!

blue stone statement ring

Night Sky Blue Square Silver Ring

Statement Necklace

When I was choosing pieces for our shop, there is no way I would not include statement necklaces (link) and sets into our range. I am absolutely in love with big chunky necklaces. They could be worn with LBDs, maxi dresses, mini dresses, suits and even bikinis! Now I am also thinking about girls from a cabaret, those ones with feathers. Those chunky necklaces are so versatile, you can wear one to a wedding or to dance in a cabaret! 

green statement necklace

Atlantic Waves Emerald Green Clíodhna Earrings and Necklace Set

Wedding Ring

I left this one to the last, as I am sure many of you would never part with our wedding bands and some would not have one yet.  It probably should not count, but it is an ultimate timeless jewellery piece as rings have originated back in Ancient Egypt and symbolised eternity and endless connection. What more timeless is there?

If you have not started your timeless collection yet, just to let you know it is never too late! If you have already, what are the items in your jewellery collection that you consider timeless? Let me know. I love hearing from you.

Until next time,




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The Real Power of Owning and Wearing a Mineral

The Real Power of Owning and Wearing a Mineral

You might have heard about some magical powers of minerals and gemstones. If you have not, this blog post might enlighten you in two ways than one. If you own some gemstone jewellery, you probably bought it or were given it by someone for a certain attribute it represents. I will go through some at the end of the post if you are not sure.

I have always associated gemstones and minerals with hippies or tarot reading. Not sure why, but I now realise it probably has other uses too that I will not be focusing on in this post. The truth to be told, I was probably too young to appreciate the real magic and beauty of those. I also probably did not realise I needed any sort of uplifting or could do with an increase of energy. 

You might not ever think of OR realised that the power of a nice piece of mineral or gemstone jewellery is very little, in fact, to do with any out-of-this-universe magic. The power is, in fact is in the actual beauty of the stones. 

The Real Value and Power of a Mineral

When you put it on, let's say, gemstone necklace, in the morning and see it around your neck in the mirror, it will make you smile and smiling scientifically proved to make you feel a little better. The necklace is beautiful and if you were feeling a little down or not fully awake, it will give you a little nudge or soft touch of happiness. That helps you begin your day with a small but positive lift that would not be there if you decided not to put that necklace.

You wear it out or to work and someone compliments the necklace and the compliment makes you feel good. Every small experience like this gives you a small lift throughout the day without you realising the stone or mineral has any effect. Your attitude is improved so much you can tackle almost impossible and you feel accomplished, the confidence grows because of your daily achievements. All of those together give you energy and improves your day as result.

The effect is accumulative, say another day you look at the necklace and you remember the compliments and how beautiful it looked. It makes you smile again. 

 Now, you might have trouble choosing the right stone for you. And here is where I think you will find this post valuable (if you are still reading it). I am going to tell you what each mineral represents. You will hopefully give you a guide to buying and wearing minerals in the future.


This one will get you through stressful periods in your life and give you the energy to go on. It is said to help remove negative energy and re-energise you. Black onyx is very common 


If you struggle with relationships and somehow not sure how to make it work, Malachite is an old friend who is likely to give you the energy to get through and patch and find a way to transform. It is also said to be your trusted companion on in travels. You will see a lot of female solo travellers in the possession of this gem. Malachite is said to cleanse chakras and bring you to a realization about what’s not working out, making you take the right action as a result. It is also said to keep you safe.

Green Turquoise 

Mainly due to its colour, this stone is associated with sophistication, femininity, calmness, serenity and wholesomeness. For a woman, it is certainly a powerful way to get in touch with the earth and express her feminine side while maintaining calmness on the outside. 


Blue Sand

If you are Irish and have this mineral in your possession, you stand every chance of winning the lottery (or so it is believed). This is a lucky gem and known to be an energy generator and aid leaning. If you need to read up more about the benefits of raising internal energy please follow this link. Other than energy and luck, this stone is used to cure children of fears, such as darkness. 

Gold Sand

This one is said to keep you calm and make sure you attain your goals no matter what. Forget being a mental or emotional wreck once you have it in your possession!

Tiger Eye

 If you struggle to let go of fears, you might want to wear jewellery incorporating this mineral. Not only it will help you stay calm, it will help you with balancing your emotions. 


You might want to keep this one in your bedroom! It is said to aid sexual energy and enhance sexuality.

Salmon Moss Unakite

Choose this one as a present for anyone wanting to succeed in business or career. It is said to grow business and personal power. Know a recent graduate or someone struggling with a direction in their career or professional life? You know how to encourage them to stay on track and maintain the energy.

Lapis Lazuli

If you wish you were wiser, this one is the one to buy. Said to boost vitality and energy, it is your courage and a guide in one.

You have probably noticed a common pattern among those. All of those act as a hand giving you some form of energy and this is what seems like a magical power of stones. Whether you chose to believe the spiritual meanings of those gems, I would not discard the practical beauty of the gems and the earthy elements they represent. 

Ready to invest in your own emotional health and future? Check out our Angel Tear collection here.

Until next time,




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