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How to Recycle Old Jewellery

How to Recycle Old Jewellery

Its Wednesday and as per usual, the fresh blog post is here. I am back on track and wanted to discuss an important topic in the industry. The one that hardly gets any attention is the one about recycling old jewellery. Sure some pieces in your jewellery box are expensive and if you no longer wearing those, they can probably be resold at some value. However, some costume jewellery and those last summer beads probably hold no value beyond sentimental. 

Not sure if you ever gave this any thought, but costume jewellery cannot be recycled by putting into your recycle bin, so what are the options? 

Think of Friends or Relatives

If you don't want it, your friends or relatives who enjoy dressing up might want to have it. There is no harm in offering. Never re-gift an old jewellery piece to avoid embarrassment. 

Donate to Charity Shop(s)

If the jewellery is not broken and can fetch even small value you can donate it to your nearest charity shop. It would do something good and create some space for a new and fresh piece in your collection. 

Community or Facebook Groups

You can take a picture and put it up in a Facebook or Community Group. Surely someone would like to have it! And you will feel good about giving something away that could serve someone else as well as it served you.

Turn It Into Something Else

There are ways you can turn old earrings into brooches etc. I have listed some other ideas

  • Stitch old brooches and earrings onto purses and jewellery trees
  • Glue pendants to bottles, vases or hairpins
  • Use rhinestone necklaces as curtain ties or serviette ties

By recycling your old jewellery, you are also making space for new additions. So once you are done with recycling, why not invest in something fresh and trendy?

Check out our range of costume jewellery that suits most budget here.

How do you recycle your jewellery or do you have any crafty ideas on how to use old jewellery for other purposes? Let me and the other readers know!

Until next time,

Yours Olga,



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