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Autumn Capsule Wardrobe 2018 Ideas

Autumn Capsule Wardrobe 2018 Ideas

OK, I missed Wednesday blog post day and somehow it is Friday night already! Where did the week go? Do I see you nodding your head and asking the same thing? Well, as a busy-running-as-business or working mother of 2 I can probably think of a few things that happened and completely stole my time. You can probably too and if you cannot, that's OK too! I keep hearing that time is the most valuable thing in the world and I tend to fully agree now that I have my 2 little ones around on top of our offline and online business and the life never been busier. However, it is very enjoyable and full of unexpected. We control what we can control and let go of what we cannot fix or should let go anyway! I try and it does not always happen, but I am getting better at it! In the last few months, I came up with a lot of new ways to save time and make my life a whole lot easier in some ways. I have tried and tested a few ways and one I wanted to share with you this week is my approach to getting dressed. If you spent any time reading any lifestyle blogs, you probably heard of the team capsule wardrobe. Well, if you have not, let me educate you! So the capsule wardrobe is usually a minimalistic wardrobe that works for you and its put together by you or someone for you to make it easier and less time consuming getting dressed every day. Its meant for busy moms and working moms, but I think every woman should have at least a version of it. Although it is one term that is relatively new, the idea of the capsule wardrobe is to create a timeless basic wardrobe that works for you and your style no matter what the trends are. 


So if you are tired of morning dilemmas and asking yourself "what to wear today?" and look effortlessly fabulous every day, this post is for you. So what do you say? Ready for some tips to put together your capsule wardrobe for autumn/winter 2018? I am! Not only I will show you how one can looks like, you can start creating one right now! Ready? Lets do it!


Clear Out

This is a very important step. You need to create space in your existing wardrobe You can treat t. his as a blank canvas or upcycling project,. Whatever feels right! Look through your existing pieces and toss anything you don't "feel" for anymore.  Be really strict, no "maybes" or "when I lose weight". You need to look what works for you right now and what you love. Not one or the other, both need to be applied to the item. This is a very important step in creating a wardrobe you will love for years to come.


Pick Your Colour Palette

If you work in the office, you probably best to go with grey, navy or black as your primary colour. You don't have to, but since its autumn/winter, it is probably most appealing and some pieces would work during other seasons. You can still inject some colour with accessories and tops. So don't worry to be looking dark or boring! This is not the idea of the capsule wardrobe at all, however, we need to be practical and it needs to more or less work for all seasons, well at least the core pieces. I have illustrated below how the autumn/winter capsule wardrobe might look like with core and minimal colour. It does not look boring to me!

Evaluate What You are Left With

So the money core pieces you have already in your wardrobe, the easier it is to match other pieces to those. It will also not cost a fortune! However, if you need to buy a lot of items, try to check out sales and see what your options are. It is also useful to set yourself a budget.

 Shop for What You Need

Take your time shopping and picking out pieces you think you might need. Treat it as a game and enjoy the experience of looking for those perfect items! There is no ideal number, but you should aim for about 20 items excluding shoes and bags.


Voila! You have your winter wardrobe that is also a timeless capsule, get it? 


I hope you found this helpful and inspirational in some way! Dont forget that you can add extra sparkle to any outfit by accessorizing it with affordable pieces! Check out our collection at .

Enjoy your weekend  & Until next time for now!

Yours Olga,




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