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Why Yellow is The New Pink in 2018

Why Yellow is The New Pink in 2018

I wanted to write this post since ever we launched Eva Victoria online store, but I thought it might be a good idea to wait. I did not want to wait a whole year, of course, to tell you about the most exciting colour of 2018 and the main colour behind our brand. Yellow has been everywhere since April 2018, from celebrity dresses and shoes to the home interior items across stores on the high street and online. Some of the examples of celebrities would be Kendall Jenner and Blake Lively. Yellow has been so popular it was even called Gen-Z Pink by Cosmopolitan! Can you believe that? The yellow even dominated New York Fashion week in Feb 2018. 

So what it is about yellow that made all of those A-listers and us so attracted to this new pink?

Yellow is the colour we associate with sun and it is well-known fact that the sun gives us energy. Energy is not the only thing that is associated with sun or colour yellow for that matter. Those who choose to study in a yellow-painted room and wear yellow to exams are known to score higher compared to those who don't. As much as there is a herb to cure any illness or boost one element in our physic, there is a colour that can make aspects of our lives better.

Even if you don't like yellow or think it does not look good on you, there is still a way to break into this trend with prints and accents and although many printed and patterned outfits still appear vibrant, the brightness of those yellows are much more subdued. If you still not convinced, then some inexpensive yellow jewellery can brighten up an outfit and also set you apart in a crowd.

Check out some yellow items in our collection that will not only add new light into your every day life, but make you sparkle at a special occasion too.

Yellow Sun Forever Colours Watch

Sunshine Yellow Clíodhna Earrings and Necklace Set

 My personal favourite is this yellow Hoops Watch from our new collection that has lots more colours if you dislike yellow but love the style and the brand.

Yellow Cherie L Silver Watch

Well, it is no surprise with all its properties and popularity we chose it to represent our brand.  Do you love yellow? Do you follow trends?

Let me know,

For now, until next time,



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