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Why Statement Earrings are All the Rage Now & How You Can Rock It Too

Why Statement Earrings are All the Rage Now & How You Can Rock It Too

You may or may not have heard that there is a certain type of earring that is all the rage this season. The reason they are popular is that not only long drop earrings and hoops are all over the catwalk, celebrities like Beyonce and Selena Gomez are rocking those now too. Whether you choose hoops, drop circle earrings or rhinestone duster earrings, go BIG for a statement look.

Irrespective of any hairstyle, earrings are a beautiful accessory and can transform any outfit. Earrings dictate the look too. Once you chose the earrings, the rest of the outfit will follow. Think like stud earrings are mainly used for a daytime look, while long drops traditionally associated with evening events. However, it’s all different this year! Whether you have a meeting, going out to lunch or catching after work drinks, the long drop earring are a great accessory and will complete your look.

Few things to bear in mind  when it comes to this trend

Your Style

Choose earrings that go with your style. You want to be on trend, but you also want to keep as close to your individual style as possible. Be you above all things fashion.

The Metal

Pay attention to the metal, silver and sterling silver never really goes out of fashion, but if you like something fresh you might consider investing in a pair of pink gold or even ceramics.

More or less than a pair

No girl can ever have too many earrings or earring holes either. If you have multiple holes in your ears, mix the long drop or long hoops with studs. If you are bold enough and choose to only wear one long drop, you will join the likes of Emma Watson and instead of adding on, you will go with taking one off.  Think famous advice by Coco Chanel.

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