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Holiday Shopping Tips

Holiday Shopping Tips

With summer here many of us are looking forward to the holidays we already booked or looking to book one. And once that is out of the way, we all know what comes next – THE HOLIDAY SHOPPING! It is not surprising that majority of us tend to splash out and get new clothes and accessories, but do we really need to add to the holiday expense? Although it is nice to get few fresh pieces that are on-trend, why not see how you can use your existing accessories and freshen the collection up on a budget?  My today tips come from my own recent wardrobe and dressing station revamp.


If you already for a short and a long chains on your dresser or stand, why not just invest in a new pendant instead of buying a new necklace or the new chain with a pendant? The smart and cost-effective idea, but just make sure to match the metals.


Bracelets and Bangles

Instead of picking up few of the new ones, see how you can mix the ones you have so you have a fresh looking accessory for that perfect summer dress. Some necklaces can also double as a bracelet, so look through your pieces to see if any of your existing pieces can be twisted!


As you probably will be spending a lot of time on the beach or in the water, you probably do not need a lot of earrings, so why not just limit it to 1-2 pairs? Either look to see what you got or get something that would transfer an old dress or an outfit. You won’t believe how different it would look in the holiday photos if you go with statement structured pair that is very much on trend too!

Feel free to use this tips for special occasion shopping and whatever else you think might fit and with all the saved cash, why not put it towards something you really need or towards the next holiday?

If, however, you still want to get something fresh, tassel earrings are all over the major resorts right now and we got them in stock! My favourite ones are the ones in nude!

Enjoy sunshine..whatever you wear!


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