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What is RFID protection & Why You Need to know About It

What is RFID protection & Why You Need to know About It

Today's post is as much about accessories as it is about protecting us in today's society. Since becoming a mother over 5 years ago, the whole protection and security are just that much more important to me. It terrifies me to hear stories of any sort of crime and I am constantly thinking how can I make the daily life safer for me and my family, especially my children.

While we like to shop and possess things, we get very frustrated when something we love and own is gone, be it a bag, wallet, your phone or more commonly your personal information.

We have always stocked bags and wallets in our shop in Killybegs and while few times a year we would purchase new brands and designs, it is only recently we have learned that your wallet is more than a small pouch to hold your cards, cash and whatever else. Your wallet and in some cases bags are a safeguard against 21st Century pickpockets. As a society, we now carry less in our bags and pockets, but the value of it is significantly higher than ever before. So there is my much more to worry about now than just how your bag or wallet looks or does it have all the right compartments, tags and zips.

When I learned about RFID technology and how our accessories can help us against the cybercrime, I found myself totally enlightened and it made me very wary of the crimes happening right now around me, my family and friends I just never realised were happening. 


According to a reputable source, RFID - Radio Frequency identification is not, strictly speaking, a new technology. It’s been around for a while. First used as a method of keeping tabs on inventory, RFID chips work by transmitting data through electromagnetic waves that are then picked up and “read” by a scanner. It’s a barcode, except the advantage is that RFID tags don’t need to be visible to be read by a scanner. They merely need to be in its vicinity. 

So what does this exactly mean? Well, it means that pickpockets do not need to steal your wallet to steal your credit and debit card data. All they need to be is to be near you and BANG. They got your details and your accounts are in danger. Scary, right?  Luckily for every problem, there is now a solution.

There is a blocking technology that has been introduced to accessories such as bags, backpacks, wallets and passport sleeves to protect you and your information from thieves. So if you are still using an old style wallet, you will probably need to think about upgrading it. Yes, I know what you are thinking...I don't want to go around with some chipped wallet and you probably afraid that might not look as good as other wallets you had. Wrong! For RFID blocking wallet to be effective, it does not need to be boring or ugly. There are some good and quality options and what is a good news, we now have them in store!, From Allure, Safiano leather, Top Grain leather, Denim effect, and carbon fibre

How do i know if my credit cards are accessable to RFID theft

Generally, any credit or debit card issued in the last 2 years is at risk but to be sure, look at your cards and if the wireless logo is present, this means you card is not secure

While I believe RFID blocking wallet is now an essential accessory for you, it also makes a very thoughtful and fantastic gift for your loved one. You don't need a special occasion to give it and It is suitable for Him or Her, 

When I think about RFID wallet, the best thing I can compare it to is locking your house door to keep you, your family and your belongings safe at all times and from unwanted intruders. You would not leave your door unlocked, leave your kids alone at home ever, would you? So why do this with your cards and information while there are so many affordable options available to safeguard your identity and finances? This is the reason why i thought it was essential to stock them on EvaVictoria.ie 

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