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Colour in Jewellery

Colour in Jewellery

I am glad this year we are seeing a lot more colour in jewellery. Along with many colourful earrings, we are seeing colour extending to necklaces, bracelets and other pieces you would normally only see in metal. We all suffer from lack of sunshine in Ireland. We love when the sun is here and everything just seems so much brighter and more colourful. Personally, I love bright colours when it comes to jewellery. Bright colour jewellery has an ability not only to make any outfit special, irrespective of the season but it also lifts YOU up. Whether it comes to outfits, jewellery or furniture, I don’t think you cannot go wrong with a splash of colour. When I was choosing brand colours for Eva Victoria, I wanted it to be bright and beautiful. I went for yellow because yellow is associated with sun and sunshine, it lifts up moods any time of the year and wearing yellow even has been proven to affect your exam grades in a better way. So bright definitely has a double meaning. You might consider repainting your room if you happen to study for the exams now ;-)

Love colour? You will love our new Clíodahna range. This collection was named after a beautiful goddess from an Irish legend. Like her, everything about it is big, voluptuous and beautiful. Any outfit from plain white to darker shades can be transformed with a piece from this collection. Best part? You will look glamorous any time of the day. It is absolutely transferrable and a day in the office can turn into after work drinks in a flash. You won’t need to run home to change entirely. I love pieces that are also a conversation starters. A piece from this collection definitely won’t go unnoticed.

Check it out and let me know what you think?



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