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Let's Talk Pendants

Let's Talk Pendants

You might have seen unicorn pendant necklaces in our online store already, but I wanted to shed some light on pendants in this post.

Pendants are a huge trend this year and just like with some other jewellery pieces, you can make a small statement with pendants and be on trend too at a fraction of the cost. Pendants are versatile, could be stylish or funky and can add that bit of YOU to an outfit. Not to mention they make an excellent gift for just about anyone!

This year even catwalks featured some trendy pendants. Anything from pineapples, unicorns and cherries, the pendants even came in "Feminist" signs. So there is definitely more to those that we used to think. The range of pendants popular at any given time also means we can layer chains and use more than one pendant. If you love layering, this one is definitely for you to try out. And this is just IT when it comes to the versatility of pendants. You can go low key or you can go big. Pendants also used to add to bracelets as charms, so those definitely make a fun piece of jewellery but also one that you can wear in many ways making the investment into your jewellery box work that much harder for your look.

My personal favourite out of our current stock is this sparkly little boat pendant. It reminds me of places we visited as a family with marinas and also boat trips I used to take when I was younger while adding that sparkle that is a must in my book when it comes to accessorising!

boat pendant

Calle Silver Sailing Boat Diamante Pendant

It would make an excellent gift too and very personable.

This pendant is currently on sale as a part of our 12 weeks of Christmas and is proving a very popular choice!

Empire Dubheasa Rose Gold Swarovski Pendant

Empire Dubheasa Rose Gold Swarovski Pendant

Another great one is this D Mouse below. My daughter Eva Victoria (yes, the brand is named after her!) adores it. Like me, she is addicted to all things sparkly and this pendant definitely has enough sparkles for a trendy little girl.

D Mouse Aisling Diamante Pendant

Love pendants? Can you think of any more uses for pendants? 

Let me know!

Until next time,



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