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Ceramics: For the Love of Nature and You

Ceramics: For the Love of Nature and You

It is not often we turn our attention to ceramic jewellery, but likely the ceramics made into “easy to adapt and transform” jewellery trend in 2017 (source: Swarovski trend report, 2017) and they are here to stay in 2018. It is easy to see why ceramics are so appealing to millennials, who are said to be driving the trends in jewellery. Ceramics are easy to wear and they remind us of stones and in 2018 it is all about sustaining our environment. We want to be close to nature and protect our surroundings as much as we can and if that means going from metals to stones and ceramics then we are all for it.

Here is what you might not know about ceramic, the other word for ceramic is titanium carbide, which is essentially a 100% natural and organic substance that’s heated to high temperature leading to the creation of ceramic as we know it in jewellery.

You can check out some of the pieces I chose for our ceramics collection here. I love it for the simplicity and infinity that circle and earth represent.



Along with well-known Irish designers who have been making ceramic jewellery for decades, there are new and fresh designers on the block and that means your necklace doesn’t have to look like it’s a gift from your gran. And what’s more, since ceramics are adaptable and transformable, they are an easy match to any outfit and would particularly stand out in the summer sunshine. Whether you want to feel close to nature, allergic to metal jewellery (ceramic jewellery is hypoallergenic) or simply want to experiment with a new trend, ceramics is an inexpensive option to go with.

Check out our Ceramic collection HERE

The nature trend does not stop with jewellery. Bulgari have already gone with wooden jewellery boxes at their 2014 brand anniversary. Can we get closer to nature than that with our accessories? Unlikely.




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