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Designer Hoop Earrings in Ireland for Women Online

Hoop Earrings Ireland

Among the multitude of accessories available for women, earrings are the most popular among the young and old alike. With ear-piercing being a custom in our culture, women have the choice to add numerous earrings to their collection—studs, danglers, and the beautiful hoop earrings.

The knockout accessory that is doing rounds on the fashion circuit is the hoop earrings. Primarily made of metal, you can find hoop earrings online made of precious metals like gold, and silver as well.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s was when hoop earring saw their day in the sun. Thick hoop earrings, however, were a very popular trend even in the late ‘60s and ‘70s when they were worn along with bandanas tied around the head. These days, hoop earrings have shot back to fame with celebrities, reality television stars and online personalities styling them up to suit the millennial fashion sensibility.

From simple silver hoop earrings to elaborately embellished gold hoop earrings, they can be used with layered bracelets or a statement necklace for interestingly accessorised ensembles. What makes these earrings such favourites is that they are not a time or occasion-specific trend. So, you can pretty much find hoop earrings online that will complement any look you desire to create.

When you are looking for hoop earrings in Ireland, explore a much larger variety at more competitive prices at Eva Victoria, the best accessories portal from Ireland. At Eva Victoria, we also offer home delivery to international locations, fantastic discounts and a user-friendly payment portal. For a breezy, hassle-free experience shopping for Ireland jewelry online, come aboard Eva Victoria.

A simple hoop earrings bears a striking resemblance to the ring that was worn by young girls around the early 1980’s. Well, it was a simple ring then, which has now metamorphosed into rings with embellishments in the form of stones, pearls, and much more, taking on the fashionable name of hoop earrings.  Hoop Earrings can be circular or semicircular. These earrings come with a metal tubing with a thin wire attachment which passes through the ear piercing. The thin wire then slips into the tube behind the ear and locks the earring. Hoop earrings are convenient to wear and are comfortable too.

Thanks to an online presence across several digital market places, Eva Victoria is not only able to reach out to jewelry loving customers across Ireland but also different corners of the country with trusted delivery partners.

Browse our elegant range of hoop earrings and find a stunning everyday pair for yourself or a loved one. Whatever your style, hoop earrings add an elegant finishing touch to any outfit. Choose between an exquisite collection of precious metals and match your gorgeous new hoop earrings to your signature accessories. Whether you prefer a big and bold or small and understated hoop, we have a wonderful range of designs here at Eva Victoria. With a world of styles, metals and precious stone options waiting for you, there’s never been a better time to browse our online collection. Don’t forget to check out our full earrings collection for more styles or if it's gold you are after; our full range of gold hoop earrings is sure to have something you'll love.

Ways to Wear Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings have a lot of myth surrounding them. Some people think that hoops are only worn by a particular ethnic group. Some others think that only teenagers or young adults wear them. But all these are myths. Reality is that small earrings hoops or the large ones can be worn by anyone at any age and from anywhere! And for those looking for hoops with sensational designs – there is Eva Victoria– the fashion store that creates path-breaking accessories. So, it is time to start looking trendy with hoops. Combine hoops with danglers, finger rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Looking bejeweled and adequately so is the new age design. More jewels, more accessories mean the person is more fun, more fun, and more fun!

These accessories are versatile – which means they can be worn over formal, semi-formal and casual wear. Wearing Eva Victoria’s hoop earrings goes several steps ahead. Unique symmetries, colors, contours and intricacies are characteristics of the design philosophy. As much as there is an explosion of colors on these designs, so is there an evolution of new artistic forms. New geometries to project a future forward style quotient. New ways of designing intricacies. New types of materials, colors, and contours. Be it gold or silver hoops online, Ireland and its majestic wealth of art and design is brought forth in these contemporary designs. Everything is new! Experience the beginning of a new beginning by shopping at Eva Victoria!

Buy the Best Hoop Earrings Now!

So, what are the ways to wear hoops? Oversized versions are for the hipster look. Big earrings hoop with sleek contours are for the bohemian appeal. Geometric shapes provide a future-perfect form. Tiny earring hoops are classic and have a timeless appeal. We are your one-stop online store for purchasing trendy hoop earrings. Shop now for a mesmerizing hoop earrings online. Get the best hoops earring designs at unbelievable prices. Break into an exclamation!