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Aisling Angel Wing Diamante Silver Pendant
Amethyst Shamrock Opal Diamante  Rose gold Pendant
Amour Love Pave Heart Necklace
Amour Love Pave Heart Necklace
€24,95 €39,00
Anastasia Statement Necklace In Rose Gold
Ann Marie Coin Rose GoldPendant Necklace
Arabesco Large Silver Swarovski Pendant
Arabesco Rose Gold Pendant
Atreca Pave Key To My Heart diamante Pendant
Autumn Wind Pave Diamante Silver Pendant
Awinita Rose Gold Diamante Feather Pendant
Ballet Swirling Orange Rose Gold Pendant
Beatrice Pearls and Diamante Rose Gold Necklace
Black Rose Gold Dubheasa Pendant
Black Rose Silver Dubheasa Opal Silver Pendant
Bláinad Double FlowerRose Gold Chain Necklace
Bláinaid Open Leaf Opal Pendant
Blue Citron Teardrop Aisling Pendant
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Cailini Entwined Love Rose Gold and Silver Pendant
Calle Silver Sailing Boat Diamante Pendant
Ceramic Hoop Rose Gold Dubheasa Necklace
Ceramic Silver Hoop Dubheasa Necklace
Crosses Together Caireann Diamonte Necklace
Cupid Love Caireann Diamonte Necklace
Curemio Rose Gold Amour Diamonte Pendant
Curemio Silver Amour Diamonte Pendant
D Mouse Aisling Diamante Pendant
Deliala Black Onyx Circle and Two Bars Necklace
Deliala Double Bar Sparkling Diamante Chain Necklace
Deliala Double Black Onyx Diamonte Necklace
Deliala Double Layered Chain Rose Gold Necklace
Deliala Icute Black Circle and Bar Necklace
Deliala Layered V-Necklace Atrone Rose Gold Bar
Deliala Reversible  Chain Necklace
Deliala Rose Gold Layered Diamante Arrow Necklace
Deliala Rose Goldle Heart Long Necklace
Deliala Silver V Necklace with Bar Pendant
Diamante Music Note Rose Gold Pendant
Diamante Music Note Silver Pendant
Dubheasa Barrel and Black Circle Pendant
Ducale Silver Double Pearl Pendant
Ducale Silver Pearl Tear Drop Pendant
Ducale Silver Tear Drop Pendant
Ducale Venetian Rose Gold Gem Pendant
Ducale Venetian Rose Gold Multi Gem Pendant
Dupla Double Circle and Bar Necklace
Elliptica Multi Circle Rose Gold Pendant
Elliptica Multi Circle Silver Pendant
Entwined TriVecta Heart Rose Gold Pendant
131 results
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