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5 Reasons to Gift an Earring to a Child

5 Reasons to Gift an Earring to a Child


Gifting a tiny piece of jewellery to a young child is something most people tend to do. Carefully picking a piece of jewellery, choosing the perfect one to gift is a reflection of love. But not only do these little pieces reflect the love, they also add another level of cuteness to the already cute stature of a child. 

However, as rosy as all of these sound, choosing the type of jewellery you want to gift is a whole another playing field. The various types of jewellery and the different levels of potential for each type make selection hard. With that being said, there is one simple type that is both cute and has massive potential. Earrings. Earrings are the perfect jewellery gift for children and this article answers why. 

Unlimited Options

When is comes to options and a large selection list, nothing beats earrings. There are many different types of designs and materials to choose from. Various types and colours of metals are available which are topped off with a select stone from an impeccably broad range. Shapes and sizes also vary. You can choose to get larger more prominent ones or smaller and cuter ones. The shapes you select from are each unique on their own rights. You can select nature based flower designs or butterfly designs. Or you can get one that has a gemstone as its focal point. The gist of it is that, by going with earrings, you unlock e massive vault-sized catalogue you can select from. 


So, you have decided to go with earrings. You look up at the list you can choose from. But you don’t like anything you see. What do you do now?

In an unlikely situation where you do not like any of the options you have at hand, you can also go totally bespoke. Earrings are small pieces of jewellery and are right near the bottom of the ‘complexity list’. Customising one to your taste is a fairly easy deal. There is space for a solitary design and stone only which makes the process quick-n-easy. 

Cost effective

Earrings are some of the smaller pieces of jewellery and as such cost less than most other options. The low required amount of precious metal or the smaller sizes of other items you can fit on make it an affordable option. Also, because of the lower prices, you can build up a proper collection quickly and without having to break the bank. Your child, after getting the first earring, will surely want more earrings. Even you will slowly begin to want to have a big collection of cute little items you can adorn your child with. This is where earrings shine thanks to their affordability.


Depending on age, safety is a major consideration when selecting a jewellery. And in that regard, earrings are actually some of the safest options. 

Children are unpredictable. And do not know what can harm them, and what cannot. Small free floating items like lockets can become massive choking hazards within the flash of an eye. Seeing this small thing, children will start to bite it and suck on it. And before long, they may even swallow it risking their life. Other items like chains can get caught on stuff as the child- with their wandering mind- wanders about. When chain gets caught and abruptly pull shard on sensitive areas like the neck, it can cause injuries both external and internal. It will also surely leave a mark that will hurt you more than your child. 

Earrings on the other hand are out of their way. This means that they cannot get their hands on rings and cause trouble. Even if they fondle with their ears, you can prevent kids from taking their earrings off by selecting the correct mount- the safest options are screw on ones which children cannot take off. In general, you want earrings with short stems and safe mounting types. 


Ultimately, the most common and self-explanatory reason is piercings. Baby girls having their ears pierced at the youngest of ages is a ritual in many parts of the world. This has now even bled into other cultures as well. 

Piercing take a lot of care. Especially for babies, you need to be vigilant on cleanliness, and the type of metal- certain metals like nickel can cause infections if worn by kids, and many more. after the initial period of caring and letting the piercing heal, your job is not done. Piercings fill back up really quick for children. As such, gift them some nice earrings which they can enthusiastically wear all the time for a while. 


Earrings are a small, cute, un-obnoxious gift that reflect your love. there are very little more that are better gifts you can give to a child other than a set of earring. 

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