Sparkling Jewel Diamante Silver Angel Tear Necklace


The sparkling jewel diamante silver angel tear pendant is stunning under the light . A beautiful piece of jewellery that will be treasured for years to come ideal for a birthdays or celebrations. Create a special meaning for someone special, 

- Choose a natural mineral chime that will suit the wearers  persona or their need in the drop menu above. 


- Chain Length: 80cm+2cm ext chains (32 Inches)
- Why Stainless Steel?  - We choose stainless steel to make it more durable and long lasting and its new shiny affect will not discolour over time.
- All Penants include a natural mineral of your choice
- Each piece is individually boxed in a yellow gift box and enclosed 
with a card explaing the mineral selected.


This one will get you through stressful periods in your life and give you the energy to go on. It is said to help remove negative energy and re-energise you. Black onyx is very common.

If you struggle with relationships and somehow not sure how to make it work, Malachite is an old friend who is likely to give you the energy to get through and patch and find a way to transform. It is also said to be your trusted companion on in travels. You will see a lot of female solo travelers in the possession of this gem. Malachite is said to cleanse chakras and bring you to a realization about what’s not working out, making you take the right action as a result. It is also said to keep you safe.

Green Turquoise 
Mainly due to its colour, this stone is associated with sophistication, femininity, calmness, serenity and wholesomeness. For a woman, it is certainly a powerful way to get in touch with the earth and express her feminine side while maintaining calmness on the outside. 

Blue Sand
If you are Irish and have this mineral in your possession, you stand every chance of winning the lottery (or so it is believed). This is a lucky gem and known to be an energy generator and aid leaning. If you need to read up more about the benefits of raising internal energy please follow this link. Other than energy and luck, this stone is used to cure children of fears, such as darkness. 

Gold Sand
This one is said to keep you calm and make sure you attain your goals no matter what. Forget being a mental or emotional wreck once you have it in your possession!

Tiger Eye
 If you struggle to let go of fears, you might want to wear jewellery incorporating this mineral. Not only it will help you stay calm, it will help you with balancing your emotions. 

You might want to keep this one in your bedroom! It is said to aid sexual energy and enhance sexuality.

Salmon Moss Unakite
Choose this one as a present for anyone wanting to succeed in business or career. It is said to grow business and personal power. Know a recent graduate or someone struggling with a direction in their career or professional life? You know how to encourage them to stay on track and maintain the energy.

Lapis Lazuli
If you wish you were wiser, this one is the one to buy. Said to boost vitality and energy, it is your courage and a guide in one.

Sparkling Jewel Diamante Silver Angel Tear Necklace

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