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Sarah Multilayered Diamond Cut Sterling Silver Necklace


Beautiful Sterling Silver Necklace with a very special way of silver cut. Necklace is made with very detailed Diamond Cut Silver. A type of finish on the metal, just like satin finish, matte finish or sandblasting. No, there are no gemstones in this piece, but light reflects and dances off those polished mirrors and makes the jewellery sparkle like crazy. Just rotating diamond cut jewellery will cause the light to hit those beveled edges and makes it sparkle and shine. Diamond cut makes jewellery look more appealing, impressive and expensive. And who doesn’t like their jewellery to shine like a million dollars? 
Match it with Sarah Multilayered Diamond Cut Sterling Silver Earrings and Bracelet for astonishing set!
This Sterling Silver Necklace is finished with our thickened polished process which gives it a glossy surface, keeps it resistant to fading and is comfortable to wear.


- 44 cm long Diamond Cut Chain

- 4 Chain Layers

- 925 Sterling Silver


- KN1083

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