Our floral collection inspired by Nature.
62 results
Adenza Rose Gold Leaf and Black Opal Cuff
Akina Floral Diamonte Rose Gold Brooch
Aneesha Four Leaf Clover Rose Gold Diamonte Bangle
Angel Wing Aisling Hook Earrings
Angel Wing Aisling Rose Gold Pendant
Autumns Falling Double Leaf Rose Gold Diamonte Ring
Bláinad Double FlowerRose Gold Chain Necklace
Bláinaid Aura  Silver Bracelet
Bláinaid Long Stemmed Bracelet
Bláinaid Long Stemmed Silver Bracelet
Bláinaid Opal Bracelet
Bláinaid Opal Butterfly Bangle
Bláinaid Open Leaf Opal Pendant
Bláinaid Open Oil Drip Opal Diamonte Bracelet
Bláinaid Rose Diamond Cuff
Bláinaid Sparkling Rose Gold Pendant
Butterfly Saoirse Bracelet
Caireann Unoalette Bracelet
Caoimhe Astrescao Bracelet
Colourful Butterfly Rose Gold Pin Brooch
Delectin Alean Bangle
Diamonte Purple Dainty Bláinaid Stud Earrings
Eva Autumn Leaf Double Leaf Silver Pendant
Fioremio Large Rose Gold Flower pendant
Fioremio Large Silver Flower Pendant
Fioremio Rose Gold  Flower earrings
Fioremio Rose Gold Floral Bracelet
Fioremio Rose Gold Flower Pendant
Fioremio Silver Floral Bracelet
Fioremio Silver Floral pendant
Fioremio Silver Flower earrings
Fioremio Silver Pink Tourmaline Flower bracelet
Fioremio Silver Pink Tourmaline Flower Pendant
Floral Blue Aquamarine And Opal Rose Gold Pin Brooch
Floral Seoda Atlántacha Rose Gold Pin Brooch
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Floral Seoda Atlántacha Silver ring
Flower Bouquet Brooch
Flowering Seoda Atlántacha Stud Earrings
Four Leaf Clover Saoirse Bracelet
Four Leaf Clover Saoirse Pendant
Four Leaf Clover Saoirse Stud Earrings
Jacinta Flower Bouquet Rhinestones and Crystals Brooch
Kaleido Silver Amethyst Bláinaid Bangle
Kaleido Silver Amethyst Bláinaid Diamonte Bracelet
Kaleido Silver Amethyst Bláinaid Diamonte Pendant
Kaleido Silver Amethyst Bláinaid Diamonte Pendant (Long Chain)
Kaleido Silver Amethyst Bláinaid Diamonte Stud Earrings
Kaleido Silver Amethyst Bláinaid Ring
62 results
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